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An early uptake of GPS technology, we invested in GPS500 in ‿9, has seen it’s utilization in many areas and a full and clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses ensure that  this powerful tool is used both appropriately and knowledgably.

We currently run both GPS500,  GPS1200 and Smart Antenna \ Station systems from Leica Geosystems



As with GPS early recognition that one-man systems provide us with opportunities to both increase accuracy and flexibility on site saw an initial investment in Geodimeter 4400 and then later Leica TPS1100 & 1200 professional series instruments.

e currently run both TPS1100, TPS1200 and SmartStation systems from Leica Geosystems



Terrestrial laser scanning

Whilst we have not invested, as yet, we have utilized both Trimble and Riegl systems to obtain data sets for numerous projects over the UK since ‿3.

The knowledge this experience represents is invaluable in allowing us to both advise and choose the appropriate tool for the job and opens up many opportunities for both client and surveyor.



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