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There are many facets to what could be called a "survey" and below is a small summary of what we can undertake...


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Our breadth of experience in this field is unchallenged.

All works are tied into the National Grid & Newlyn Datum as standard and presented in either client specific format or our own

We aim to supply not just a survey but an integral part of the design process that will repay the investment made in it many times over


Hydrographical Surveys

Using our Ohmex SonarMite sonar system, aligned with our GPS or TPS systems, high accuracy hydrographical survey works of lakes and inshore areas can be processed and presented in either admiralty or engineering formats.


Volumetric Surveys

The analysis of volumes based on accurate surveys, which are then backed up with the appropriate level of conformation via clear and accurate presentation, will prove invaluable and cost effective.

As Built \ Proving \ Check

As Built \ Proving \ Check Surveys - Click for an Example

An accurate record of your project at any stage. Whether for handing over provable control works to a third party, recording the structure “as built‿or providing the peace of mind gained from ensuring all’s going well.

Clear and concise presentation of the facts in a timely and cost effective manner.


Monitoring Surveys

All aspects of monitoring undertaken with a full and concise analysis of the data presented in a clear and readily absorbed manner.


Building Surveys - Click for an Exampe

Are undertaken using a combination of handheld tape, Leica "disto's" or reflectorless total stations, whichever is the most appropriate,  and processed using the latest software to ensure completeness of site works.

All works are presented in a client specific format or our own flexible in-house styles.

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