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Setting Out

We look to operate a round trip approach to setting out, with as little human input as possible.

General Process

  • Obtain the relevant digital plan data – original Topographic survey, design drawings & pile\groundbeam layouts etc
  • Ensure that the space required for the project is as expected - this is confirmed by a check survey if so required.
  • Process the supplied digital data to allow seamless transfer to our TPS\GPS systems.
  • Set out the desired data in manner that’s clear and concise for all parties and then record our works as a separate independent QA exercise.

    We then process this data and prepare the client, dependent on requirements, a full report on the works undertaken.


  • Whether it’s a garage or a multi floor luxury development we supply the skills to ensure that the metrics of your project are under control and all parties have confidence in them.


  • Crane, conveyor and the placement of large integrated systems all benefit from conformation that the relevant alignments are correct.


  • Accurate and provable location of all required piles ensures that your project gets off to the start required.



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